HRSim HIWIN Robot Simulation software

Free software and manual download


HRSim (HIWIN Robot Simulation) is a simulation software for offline programming of HIWIN robots and the entire production process. In HRSim, users can customize the components library by importing their own CAD files. Apart from that, the simulation also provides the user with many built-in modules and tool kits to speed up the planning process. The HRSim helps users plan, verify and optimize their robot and system concepts outside the real production line quickly, easily, and more efficiently!

The HRSim provides numerous benefits including:

  1. Test the reliability before implementing the project
  2. Risk reduction
  3. Shorten evaluation time
  4. Increased productivity

Download HRSim with free of charge!


Process planning applied to automation system integration

Loading and Unloading 1

Loading and Unloading 2

Palletizing 1

Palletizing 2

Welding 1

Welding 2

Welding 3

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