RCV Series Torque Motor Rotary Table

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Cooling Method Air Cooling Water Cooling
Specification Unit RCV-170 RCV-170 RCV-250
Table Diameter mm 170 170 250
Center Height mm 135 135 160
Center Hole mm Ø60 Ø60 Ø60
T-slot Width mm 12H8 12H8 12H8
Max. Speed*2 r.p.m. 150 200 140
Continuous Torque N-m 65 106 148
Max. Torque N-m 188 203 280
Positioning Accuracy arc-sec ±15 ±5 ±5
Repeatability Accuracy arc-sec 8 4 4
Clamping Type Pneumatic (6 bar)
Clamping Torque N-m 300 300 600
Cooling Power W - 1002 1272
Maximum Allowable Working Inertia kg-m2 4.3 2.7 4.3
Net Weight kg 60 95 150
Load Weight kg 30 50 160

*1: All models listed in the table are standard specification. If any special requirement is needed, please contact HIWIN.
*2: Max. speed and continuous torque will differ according to voltage of power supply.


  1. Used the direct drive motor with high acceleration, high torque, high precision and zero backlash.
  2. Used high rigidity bearing.
  3. High positioning and high repeatability can be achieved by using high-precision encoder.
  4. Best choice for upgrading the processing machine to 3+1axis.


Metal processing, mold manufacturing, light metal processing, grind processing, edm processing, industrial special machine, automation equipment, inspection equipment


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