HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Table (TMRT) uses a water-cooled direct-drive torque motor, built-in high-rigidity and high-precision bearings, absolute angle encoders and powerful brakes system. Compared with mechanical indexing table, TMRT has high speed and high torque characteristics, suitable for the needs of various machining equipment.

Different from the mechanical indexing plate, HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Table has no backlash in the machining process due to the removal of the mechanical transmission structure, thus improves the stability of the machining accuracy, which is different from the mechanical indexing table. Through the installation of HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Table, the original machining equipment is upgraded to 3+1 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis to achieve one-time clamping processing, improve processing efficiency and increase production capacity.

HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Table
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