HIWIN Support Unit


HIWIN support units are composed of a bearing housing, bearing, holding lid, seal, lock nut and set screws. The support units can be used on fixed and supported ends of the ballscrew, which mounts the ballscrew in the desired position. Its compact size is easy to install, especially in the narrowed space. Since the bearings are greased and adjusted to the suitable position, there is no need for additional alignment or installation processes, which reduces installation time and maintenance.

HIWIN support units can be applied to automation and industrial machinery, and are classified into 11 types: AK, AF, BK, BF, EK, EF, FK, FF, LK, LF and LFA. For the machinery structures requiring higher axial thrust force, HIWIN recommends the WBK support unit series. The WBK is used for high load applications and better axial stiffness, which allows a machinery structure to hold accurate positioning under a heavy load. Currently the heavy load support units are classified into 3 assembly types, each offering different loading capabilities: DF, DFD, and DFF.

Heavy Load Bearing Supports have excellent axial loading capabilities and can be applied in a wide range of industrial machines. The WBK utilizes 60-degree angular contact bearings, it handles higher axial load and high stiffness.

Rotation precision grade is P4 to meet positioning accuracy.

The heavy load bearing supports have three configuration types: DF, DFD, and DFF. DF is for general use and can bear both normal and opposite axial forces. DFD uses one bearing on one side and two on the opposite side, to enhance the loading capacity. DFF uses two bearings in both directions to increase each sides loading capacity. Customers can choose from different configuration types based on the axial loading capabilities needed for the application.

HIWIN Support Unit Nomenclature

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Technical Information

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