Ball Spline

Ball Spline


HIWIN ball splines are rolling guide components consisting of a spline nut, a spline shaft, steel balls, and a retainer. The steel balls roll in an infinite cycle between the spline nut and the spline shaft allowing the nut to move in a linear motion along the shaft with high precision. The steel balls in the ball splines are structured with angular contact to withstand radial and torsional loads.

The optimized design of the retainer enables guidance with high speed and high acceleration. In addition, the encapsulation of the ball by the retainer makes it possible to withdraw the spline nut from the spline shaft without the balls falling out.

Transmittable torque capacity
Compared with linear bearings, the balls in the rolling groove is in angular contact, so the spline nut and the spline shaft can move in relation to each other to allow transmission of torque.

Lubricant circuit
By optimizing the design of the lubricant circuit, the lubrication grease is directed to where the balls circulate to improve the lubrication efficiency and increase the service life.