HIWIN DSH-AH Type DATORKER® Strain Wave Gear

HIWIN DSH-AH type gear reducer has a hollow shaft and cross-roller bearings, which can withstand axial/radial loads at the same time. Its sealed structure allows users to use a modular design that is easy to use, suitable for high precision, high rigidity and high torque applications.



Compact size ; composed of flexible spline, circular spline and wave generator with simple structure and easy to install.


High reduction ratio ; can reach high reduction ratio of 1/50~1/120 without change in dimension.


High accuracy ; Using metal elastic deformation to drive gear transmission, its positioning accuracy can meet extremely high requirements.


Zero backlash ; Different from the traditional gear meshing method, it achieves high meshing rate through elastic deformation and eliminates backlash.


Five-axis machine, Industrial robot, Grinding and Polishing industry, etc.
Datorker Strain Wave Gear


Technical Information


Metal Cutting, Waterjet, Laser Cutting
CNC 5 Axis, Metal Cutting, Precision Inspection, Woodworking
Electronic Discharge Machine C Axis
Dental Milling Machine
Wafer Grinding, Wafer Polishing
Semiconductor Inspection, Precision Machining
Wafer Dicing
Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment
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