MTG-H100 Robotic Endoscope Holder

MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 005881


The robot mainly focuses on controlling the position and angle (3-degrees of freedom) of the surgical instruments used during minimally invasive surgery (MIS). By the unique structure (remote center of motion), the robot can steadily hold surgical instruments in the desired positions during surgery.

Direct endoscope control

The Robotic arm (MTG-H100) is used for holdingendoscope in laparoscopic surgery. It is in compactsize that can be mounted on the operation tables orthe trolley. The hook design allows assistants to set upand remove the equipment in three steps. Holding theendoscope with robotic arm provides stable views andefficient surgical procedures.

Stable robotic holder

MTG-H100 offers precise positioning to ensuresmooth operation. It eliminates human scope-holderfatigue and miscommunication between surgeons andassistants.

Unique RCM module

The Remote Center of Motion module attributes tominimize operation incision and shorten the recoverytime.

Six-direction control pedal

Surgeons can move the endoscope in six directions:zoom in/out, upward/downward, right/left via thecontrol pedal. It is flexible enough to move and can beoperated more precisely.

Sterile drapes

The robotic arm is entirely covered with the steriledrape during operation to reduce risk of contaminating.


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