RS410-LU Protection


RS410-600-20P Manipulator

2D 3D

RS410-600-40P Manipulator

2D 3D

RS410-700-20P Manipulator

2D 3D

RS410-700-40P Manipulator

2D 3D

RS410-800-20P Manipulator

2D 3D

RS410-800-40P Manipulator

2D 3D

RC4 Controller Manipulator

2D 3D

HIWIN Robot System Software

HRSS 3.3.12 x86 offline

Please decompress the offline file to C:\, then set the screen resolution over then 1360x768.

HRSS 3.3.12 x64 update

To prevent the incompatible problem, please ensure the first two codes of the software versions are the same before updating.

Before using the SDK and the Caterpillar, Please update the HRSS to the last version.

Software Development Kit

HIWIN Robot Software Development Kit 2.2.10

Remote Operating Interface Software

Caterpillar 1.0.10


Manipulator User Manual

RC4 Controller User Manual

Software User Manual

HIWIN Robot Software Development Kit

Remote Operating Interface System User Manual


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