SEG-24 Integrated Electric Gripper

CAD Download
With Multi Axis Robot


Integrated control

- Controller is embedded inside gripper eliminating the need for additional mounting and can be used ditectly with I/O control.

- Parameters can be set without computer, eliminating the need to edit program.

- LED lights for Power and Ready, clearly show gripper status.

- Compact body design; small size, light weight.

Easy operation

- Only one set of I/O signals to control gripper on/off.

- Built-in Busy signal for immediate feedback gripper status.

Key design

- SEG-24 has function keys that allow user to quickly adjust gripper travel and store clamping point.

High speed clamping

- SEG-04 switching cycle time is 0.11 seconds, suitable for 3C industry high-speed pick and place operations.

- SEG-24 Clamp has smart pick and place function, set to function keys that store clamping point. It can move to clamping point at high-speed and automatically convert to slow clamping, effectively reduce cycle time and increase efficiency.


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