HIWIN R1 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrew


Compact and high positioning
A compact design using nut and support bearingas an integral unit. A 45-degree steel ball contactangle makes a better axial load. Zero backlashand higher stiffness construction provides highpositioning.

Simple installation
Simply installed by fixing the nut on the housingwith bolts.

Rapid feed
No inertial effect is produced by the integral unitrotating and the fixed shaft. Lower power can beselected to meet the rapid feed requirement.

Has a higher trust and moment stiffness,because the integral unit has an angular contactconstruction. There is no backlash while rolling.

Special end cap design allows steel balls tocirculate inside the nut. Noise generated by highspeed operation is lower than in an ordinaryballscrew.


Semi-conductor industries, Robots, Wood Processingmachines, Laser cutting machines, Transportingequipment.
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