Taiwan Ranks Among World`s Top-3 Supplier of Machine-tool Parts

Taiwan has become one of the world`s three-largest suppliers of for machine-tool parts and components. Taiwan exported US$784 million wroth of machine-tool components in 2010, up 88.7% year-on-year, according to customs-cleared statistics compiled by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI).

Of Taiwan`s leading manufacturers of precision machine-tool components, HIWIN Technologies Corp. will be the largest beneficiary in 2011 as it has production lines bully occupied to fill orders flooding to the firm.

TAMI president C.C. Wang noted Taiwan has 200-odd manufacturers of machine-tool components, mostly located in central Taiwan area with major products including linear guideways, ball screws, tool magazines, turret system, rotary tables, index tables, telescopic covers and cooling systems.

Wang anticipated exports for Taiwan-made machine-tool components this year will double from last year, as demand for the products will substantially increase in the wake of the Japan massive earthquake.

Thanks to influx of orders, HIWIN is expected to see 10%-30% growth in quarterly sales by the end of this year. In the wake of the Japan earthquake, the company will also benefit from the effect of order shifting from Japan. Moreover, its newly introduced vibration-control systems will also help drive its sales growth.

According to the TAMI`s tallies, mainland China and Hong Kong together was the island`s largest export destination by absorbing US$453 million worth of Taiwan-made machine-tool components in 2010, up a whopping 118% year-on-year growth and accounting for 57.8% of the total exports.

The second place went to the U.S. with US$53.04 million, up 39.3% and commanding 6.8%. Japan ranked third with US$43.95 million, up 114% and accounting for 5.6%. Other major export outlets, in descending order, were South Korea, Germany, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil and Vietnam. The top-10 export outlets absorbed 85% of the total exports of Taiwan-made machine-tool components in 2010. Wang stated such industrialized nations as the U.S., Japan and Germany have begun adopting Taiwan-made machine-tool components to cut production costs. Moreover, such emerging nations as China, India, Brazil and Thailand are also switching to buy Taiwan-made machine-tool components, featuring high quality at competing prices, as they are seeking enhancement of international competitiveness.
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