HIWIN Technologies Acquires Mega-F to Boost Robotic Output

With introductions by the U.S.-based Applied Materials, HIWIN Technologies Corp. recently acquired Mega-F Motion Systems Ltd., an Israeli developer of motion control technology, via its affiliate HIWIN Mikrosystem Corp.

HIWIN Technologies specializes in the production of ballscrew, linear guideway and single-axis robot, and HIWIN Mikrosystem focuses on the development of linear motor system, linear actuator and positioning measurement system.

HIWIN Mikrosystem is Taiwan`s only maker of linear motor systems and semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment.

Over the past few years, HIWIN Technologies has had to rely on the supply of costly precision drivers from the U.S., Japan and Israel, hence dampening its global competitiveness, which has been offset by the acquisition of Mega-F.

Mega-F was established in early 2000 to tap its vast knowledge and experience in motion control. The company develops and markets software intensive programmable DSP-based motion control products that results in highest quality of the automated systems. Motion controllers and modules are utilized in advanced industrial applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic testing and inspection stations, imaging systems and high quality printing machinery. The world`s leading manufacturers of semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, including Applied Materials and KLA-TENCOR, are among Mega-F`s major clients.

Eric Y.T. Chuo, chairman of HIWIN Technologies, noted the acquisition will help his company boost competitiveness in the industrial robotic sector, enabling it to become a leading supplier of industrial robots with targeted output rising to 50,000 units by 2010 from earlier projected 15,000.

After the acquisition, Mega-F has been renamed Mega Fab, which will focus on the development of basic drivers to work with HIWIN Groups` industrial robots and positioning measurement systems.
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