HIWIN implement the eco-environmental protection-cleaning the beach

HIWIN implement the eco-environmental protection-cleaning the beach

HIWIN has been established for 19 years with its own brand marketing all over the world. It not only focused on the research for the precision linear driving components for the using of the domestic and foreign tools industry, automation equipment, optoelectronics industry, biotechnology and medical industry and transportation industry as well, but also put the concept of environmental protection within the culture of the corporation, starting from the beach cleaning.

At present, HIWIN occupy almost 70% share of the domestic market as well as 10% of the global market. It’s not only the major indicator of machinery industry in Taiwan, but also the first-class brand in the field of linear driving industry in China, and one of the world’s top 4 precision linear driving components leading brand.

The main products of HIWIN including: ball screw, linear rail, industrial robots, etc. They are all the new technologies researched under the concept of environmental protection with the strategy of high speed, high precision and complex features. They could successfully replace the oil pressure, air products, help reducing the noise pollution, and also the key components of coming future automotive electronics and precision industry.

HIWIN extended its business to the wind turbines field with its original core technology, in the hope with every household owning the costless new energy in the future. Meanwhile, in response to the trend of population aging and minority carrier, HIWIN continually build the field related to human well-being. Such as home using small lift, home automation, etc. And involved in the field of life science and medical equipment deeper and deeper, gradually upgraded from the components to the system.

Cai Huiqing, The CEO of HIWIN expressed that: “Pay attention to the environmental protection is the corporation culture of HIWIN, start with cleaning the beach, let us roll up sleeves and pants, pick up the litter, returned to Earth a beautiful future. We also encourage employees to protect the environment at home, so that they put the concept of environmental protection into their work and life, I hope that everyone do protect the environment from yourself, making a better Earth for ourselves. ”

Following are the interview summary of Cai Huiqing,the CEO of HIWIN:

Q: Why organize the activity to clean the beach?

A: Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, owns a lot of valuable living resources, however, our beautiful coastline was full of garbage, HIWIN more than 800 employees were led by the CEO Cai Huiqing and other executives, cooperating with the Wild Bird Society of Taiwan, to hold the activity in three different places: Zhanghua, high-Taichung and Yunlin wetlands at the same time. Taking concrete actions to implement the philosophy of environmental protection of the corporation, with a view to promote enterprises participating in conservation action.

Q: What did you learn from the beach cleaning activity:

A: The beach cleaning activity cooperated with the Wild Bird Society of Taiwan province, Changhua Wild Bird Society and Yunlin County Wild Bird Society, planning excellent bird-watching activity and the explanation of seaside ecological resources. Besides the beach cleaning activity, return to the nature a cleaning space, but also experienced ecological impact on the environment.

The access to the sea of Daduxi is rich in ecology resources, and the region for the autumn and winter migration of migratory birds’ passing each year. According to the survey, the types of birds, the number of ethnic groups and the high-density all showed that it has been Taiwan’s largest waterfowl habitat, list on the world conservation Union the most important wetlands in Asia, by the way, it’s also the home of fiddler crabs.

The high-water wetlands located on the south seaside, which is rich in natural resources and also one of several ducks’ collective culture zones in Taiwan. There are more than 120 kinds of birds habitat here, so it’s also an important conservation area.

Liu Tsai foil fishing port located in Yunlin County, the junction of Sihu Xiang and Kouhu Xiang, the wetlands here have the depth of 3km-long inter-tidal, and Lin Casuarina and abandoned fish pond, with the exception of birds can be found here, the sea cockroaches, mudskipper, fiddler crabs and the land crabs can be seen everywhere.

Q: How to deepen and implement the enterprise civic responsibility?

A: Due to the excessive use of energy, the climate changed which directly caused to greenhouse effect; more and more attention has been paid on it recent years. With the spirit of “professionalism, work ethic, professional ethics” as the company philisophy, HIWIN combined the sense of civic responsibility with business strategy, researched and developed with the technology of environmental protection and energy-saving concept, discreased the customer cost and prevented the environmental pollution.

Through the knowledge growth Day, employees continually receive new knowledge to improve their competitiveness, promote proposals to improve and enhance operating efficiency; encourage employees to participate in social services, help upgrade Taiwan's machinery industry advantage, and now relay on the deepen on the sense of responsibility of citizens, which converted into the new competitiveness of the enterprise.
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