資料來源:CTIMES By Korbin Lan

Taiwan Introduces Its Robot Standard Label and Five Qualifiers

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The Taiwan Robot Standard (TARS) was introduced by the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association(TAIROA) for the first at the Taiwan Robotics and Intelligent Automation Show (TAIROS) yesterday, including HIWIN Technologies, Delta Electronics, Techman Robot, EVERMORE MACHINE and Reed Automation were the first companies that passed the certification of TARS.

There were total of 12 products that have certificated by TARS this time, respectively, HIWIN’s RA605-710-GB and RA605-710-K Articulated Robot, RS-406-601S-HB SCARA Robot Arm; Techman’s TM5-700 and TM5 -900 Robot; EVERMORE’s RH-12 six-axis robot; Reed Automation’s LD20, LD2, LD7, LD12 6-Axis Robot and Delta Electric’s DRS40L, DRS60L SCARA industrial robot.

The core concept of the design of Taiwan Robot Standard is to symbolize the combination of human and robot, stand for that technology will integrate with intelligence.

The TARS certification applies to all types of robots, processes testing and verification in terms of the mechanical safety, electrical safety, functional safety, electromagnetic compatibility, accuracy, reliability, environmental impact and noise level.

TAIROA said that the TARS certification is currently expanding international and Chinese mutual recognition, to provide Taiwanese robot industry with international approval by one-stop verification.