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HIWIN news for Taiwan Excellence Award

HIWIN Group won the Golden & Silver Award with DiAMOND under HIWINmikro and Wafer Robot under HIWIN Technologies. HIWIN Group has won this award continuously since year 2001 and this is the 20th and 21st award. “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE” is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the four main criteria to select the winner are “research and development”, ”design”, ”quality” and “marketing”. This is the 25th year this grand competition is being held and there are 1188 applications, but only 10 of them can win the Golden Award after strict review by 90 jury members. To win this award definitely proves that HIWIN product is outstanding in all these criteria.

HIWIN Wafer Robot is the first and only robot in the world using all the key components and motor driven elements which are made and designed by HIWIN itself. It is suitable for clean room environment and accurate pick and place operation. It also offers high quality service for semiconductor, photoelectric, LED, LCD and Solar panel industries. In order to provide customized service, complete total solution and satisfy all kinds of requirement, HIWIN Wafer robots have multiple specifications and optional spare parts for customers to select. In addition, HIWIN had developed control system to monitor the status of robot; hence the Wafer robot can adjust the parameter and instruct movement (including safety production) by itself. User friendly, flexibility to organize production process, safety assurance for surrounding equipment and operators and increasing the customer’s equipment value are some of the main features for HIWIN Wafer robot.

DiÅMOND- new generation positioning stage with nano accuracy, applicable in semiconductor and FPD industries. It is realized by technologies like vacuum preloaded air bearing and friction elimination, which enable nano accuracy and increases equipment reliability.

HIWIN commits continuous efforts in providing vertical integrated solutions to the industry. It shortens development time and saves costs for customers with remote detection capability and global supports.

HIWIN Group includes HIWIN Technologies Corp., HIWIN Mikrosystem Corp., Luren Precision Corp and Eterbright Solar Corp. HIWIN is a world leading company that focus on the development of motion control and system technology manufacturing, which makes HIWIN the most comprehensive motion & control products supplier.

With continuous technical innovation and integration, HIWIN Technologies Corp. has launched the world’s most complete range of robots.

HIWIN Mikrosystem has its own complete capability to develop and manufacture electronic components in Taiwan. HIWIN Group manufactures Ballscrews, Linear Guideways, Robots, Linear Motors, Drive, Linear Actuators and Medical Equipment that offer high speed, high precision, multifunctional integration, environmental protection and broad utilization in life and can be applied to many hi-tech industries for Bio-tech equipment, semiconductors, 3C industries, automotive, energy saving industry, precision machine tools and transportation to improve customers productivity and efficiency.

HIWIN lights up Taiwan to the world, we are not only the largest precision component manufacturing company in Taiwan, but also the World’s second largest motion & control products supplier.