HIWIN Rotary Actuator DRA Series


  1. High torque : Maximum output torque>300Nm.
  2. Compact structure : Volume and Weight reduction by more than 50%0
  3. High Precision:Positioning accuracy < 60 arc-sec, Repeatability< ±6arc-sec0
  4. Easy installation : Can be installed in any direction / Can be divided at any angle.
  5. Total Solution : Absolute encoder / In-built editable PDL program. Support multiple control (I/O, Pulse, EtherCAT).


  1. Compact size : Light weight, the best solution under space and weight constraints.
  2. High precision : Excellent positioning ability and repeatability.
  3. High torque : Multiple reduction ratio available under the same size.
  4. High rigidity : With crossed roller bearings providing high bending moment resistance.
  5. Tuning free : With high-performance driver and built-in software system.


D2T Driver Specification


E1 Driver Specification

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