18th Taiwan Excellence Award Sees More Entries From Outside ITC Sector

Taiwan Vice President Vincent Siew (middle) with all eight winners of 18th Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.

For the first time, makers of automobiles and motor scooters took top honors, demonstrating that Taiwan`s designers are also capable of working out innovations in products besides ITC, a field for which Taiwan is generally well known globally.

Luxgen Motor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Yulon Group, and powered two-wheeler (PTW) manufacturer Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. (SYM brand), both Taiwan-based, topped the list of Gold Award winners with the Luxgen7 multi-purpose van (MPV) and the SYM 300i EVO cruiser scooter.

The 18th edition of the TEA is themed "innovalue," or "value created by innovation," with a panel of international judges with expertise in the four key evaluation criteria-R&D, design, quality and marketing-having selected the winners.

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), organizer of the TEA, announced the eight Gold Award winners at a gala ceremony in late April in Taipei, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and attended by Taiwan industry leaders.

"I was really astonished by the motor scooter and car," said red dot President Peter Zec, one of the judges, adding that the CEO of Luxgen combined his knowledge of automobiles and electronics.

The electronic innovations in the Luxgen7 MPV, designed to save energy consumption and simplify driving, are firsts for the global automotive industry, according to the judges.

More Diverse Entries
The eight Gold Award winners come from various sectors, including educational toys, consumer electronics, industrial automation equipment and information technology products.

"Taiwan Excellence Award in the past mainly saw entries from electronics companies," said Sejiro Oshimura, another judge and also a professor at Mejiro University in Japan. "This time Taiwan has entered a new stage."

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., the company that launched the world`s first netbook nearly two years ago, shows particular significance as a Gold Award winner again this year for its EeeKeyboard PC, Oshimura said, adding that ASUS has become a big brand in Japan in recent years.

Other Gold Winners
Other Gold Award winners include the SK Series of industrial robots from HIWIN Technologies Corp., the Plato eReader from BenQ Corp., the DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router from D-Link Corp., the Neptum EP Submarine from Thunder Tiger Corp, and the Wavy Tactile Path from Kiddie`s Paradise Inc.

The remote-controlled Neptum submarine from Thunder Tiger and the Wavy Tactile Path from Kiddie`s Paradise are products that clearly wowed the judges. "I liked the toys` low-tech and high art," said red dot President Zec. "It is a fantastic way of educating children."

More Branding Effort
More Taiwan companies are starting to build private global brands as they transform from contract manufacturers to large multinational companies. "They are finding that they can create world-class products on their own," said Advantage Business Media Editor Tim Studt, another TEA judge.

To promote and sharpen competitiveness of Taiwan industry, according to TAITRA, the government has made branding the key task, which also helps build the national economy. There are two ultimate goals to the Branding Taiwan program: integrate resources to help establish brands and create favorable environment for development, with the second to help Taiwan enterprises develop brands and increase value.

Taiwan companies are globally leading innovators who build products that save energy, reduce pollution and help keep people fit, with such firms being some of the world`s largest making green products as bicycles, energy saving lights and solar cells.The Taiwan government is supporting this effort as part of its goal of sustainable business development.

The following summarizes eight winners of the 18th Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards, chosen among 30 entries, with the remaining 22 being Silver Award winners.

8 Notable Taiwan Excellence Gold Award Winners
Product Model Number Company
SYM GTS 300i EVO 300i Sanyang Industry Co. (SYM)
Luxgen7 MPV   Luxgen Motor Co.
Ecological & Economical Single
Axis Robot
SK Series HIWIN Technologies Corp.
BenQ eReader Plato BenQ Corp.
Xtreme N Storage Router DIR-685 D-Link Corp.
EeeKeyboard PC EK1542 ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Neptum EP Submarine SC 5220-K/5220-F Thunder Tiger Corp.
Wavy Tactile Path KT0009-00B/00G Kiddie`s Paradise Inc.

Company Name: BenQ Corporation
Product Name: BenQ eReader Plato
Model No.: Plato

BenQ eReader K60 (Plato) adopts Sipix (part of BenQ-AUO Group) exclusive Microcup® ePaper technology to provide paper-book-equivalent reading experience and ultra long battery life. In line with BenQ eBook store purchasing service and free download public copyright eBook from Google books, such product offers one-stop shopping for end users. In addition, full touch user interface provides intuitive operation for reading and taking note. Embedded wireless local area network (WLAN) and plug-in 3G dongle give all kinds flexibility to go online. K60 lightweight design provides convenience and mobility for end users to read anywhere.

Company Name: D-Link Corporation
Product Name: Xtreme N Storage Router
Model No.: DIR-685

The D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router meshes style with technology to offer a simple yet sleek design, ideal for use at home. This all-in-one desktop device combines the functions of a wireless Internet router, NAS, digital photo frame and print server for the ultimate user experience. Using a wide range of latest technologies, it provides an attractive alternative to installing multiple home devices to bring users flexibility, simplified setup and energy savings.

Company Name: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Product Name: EeeKeyborad PC
Model No.:EK1542

Easily the most innovative computer today, the Eee Keyboard PC conceals a fully functional computer-cum-multimedia center within its incredibly svelte and stylish 1kg chassis.

Just pair it wirelessly with any HDTV, monitor or projector via its Ultra Wide Band Wireless connectivity, sit back, and enjoy its high-speed wireless, multimedia, productivity and communication capabilities. No more fumbling with unsightly cables and worrying about unplugging the cable accidentally due to repositioning. Its 5-inch touch panel intelligently adapts to any function to suit your task, even allowing users to play songs or instant message anyone.

Company Name: Kiddie`s Paradise Inc.
Product Name: Wavy Tactile Path
Model No.:KT0009-00B /00G

Inspired by rice paddy trails, Wavy Tactile Path is a tactile-development game in the form of floor tiles. Made of double injected PP and TPR compounds, these tiles are non-slip and allow kids to "walk barefoot in nature" even in cities. It features protruding dots and lines to resemble commonly found shapes in nature.

The designer aims to allow kids to experience different stretches and tensions in foot arches while enhancing reactions to adapt to different walking environments. This game also has numerous routes and shapes for different levels of challenges, as well as being easy to assemble, fit snugly and stackable.

Company Name: Thunder Tiger Corp.
Model No.:5220-K / 5220-F

The NEPTUNE SB-1 submarine is the 1st R/C toy to mimic exploring underwater without needing wet suits or oxygen tanks. With high technology in the inner hull tub and a brilliant yellow outer hull, the NEPTUNE SB-1 has a static diving system. As a real submarine, this R/C toy is driven by a ballast that enables diving and surfacing. There is even a digital camera (optional) to enable underwater viewing to simulate the Jacques Cousteau experience.

Its auto-detect protecting system also warns of low battery, transmission signal, leakage, upon which the ballast pump starts automatically to take the NEPTUNE SB-1 to surface.

Company Name: Sanyang Industry Co, Ltd.
Product Name: GTS 125 / 250i / 300i EVO
Model No.:125 / 250i / 300i EVO

First launched in 2005, the GTS 300i is Sanyang Industry`s flagship scooter of above 250cc. as well as the second globally but first heavy scooter in Taiwan with a water- cooled 4V engine. Launched after SUZUKI of Japan, but ahead of HONDA, YAMAHA and PIAGGIO, the GTS 300i has a top speed of 128Km/hr on the dynamo.

Notable features
1. Distinctive patented design: High-strength and lightweight structure with the front mainframe employing a single tube instead of the traditional double tube.
2. Two-stage crankshaft oil duct for improved oil purity.
3. Cam chain setting plate design.
4. The first scooter globally with a patented front fog-light design.
5. Brand new double-light feature: the first heavy scooter with LED daytime running light that is widely preferred by Europeans.
6. Eco-friendly design.
7. Active safety design with auto POWER-OFF and Combination Brake System.

Company Name: LUXGEN Motor Co., Ltd.
Product Name: MPV
Model No.: LUXGEN7 MPV

The LUXGEN7 MPV`s creative concept is based on the world`s most advanced, full function Windows Automotive® platform LUXGEN THINK+, which is jointly developed with the world-renowned local IT company High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC). It also combines ground-breaking intelligent technology such as:
‧ Eagle View+: 360 degree environmental image system
‧ Side View+: Side safety image assist system
‧ LDWS+: Lane Departure Warning System
‧ Night Vision+: Highly sensitive night vision system

LUXGEN THINK+ six major functions:
‧AV entertainment: Integrates AV programs & ports to connect external devices to not only listen to music, look at photos & watch videos, but also connect to game consoles, MP3 players, and USB devices.
‧Communications: Embeds 3.5G communication system, a hands-free Bluetooth system, and the ability to download your mobile phone`s address book into the communication system. Also, the built-in intelligent voice command system allows voice-commanded phone number dialing and read-back of instant messages.
‧GPS Navigation: Route-based navigation functionality
‧Safety: Real-time vehicle diagnostic system / Side View+ / Eagle View+
‧Owner manual: LUXGEN THINK+ includes an owner`s manual with convenient instant look-up of vehicle functions.
‧System settings: Can be personalized, for example "language command settings" allow owner to modify the intelligent learning voice command.

Company Name: HIWIN Technologies Corp
Product Name: Ecological & Economical Single-Axis Robot
Model No.: SK Series

The SK series Ecological & Economical Single Axis Robot is developed to meet market demand and industrial trend. It`s a high performance robot featuring high precision, rigidity, heavy load capacity, and long service life, as well as eco-friendliness, quietness and modular design, with the robot widely used on semi-conductor, photonics, automation and biochemical industries.

Notable Features
Its patented SynchMotionTM technology has chamber-controlled oiling to optimize lubrication of friction areas. The SK series also requires no joints, leaks no oil, oil change and minimizes waste disposal. Its oil cartridge is reusable, with the lubricator meeting RoHS standards for eco-friendliness.

The SK series adopt SynchMotion TM for improved lubrication that ultimately results in very quiet operation and upgraded performance.

Full List of Silver Award Winners
Silver Award Winners of Taiwan Excellence Award
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Digital Reader
UNION Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Electric Storage Tank Boiling Water Heater
ZyXEL Communications Corp. Digital Home Entertainment Center
ZyXEL Communications Corp. Digital Living System Home Media Center
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. LBS-Centric mobilephone
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. ASUS Skype Videophone Touch
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd. Mighty Mini Fan & Blower 1cm series
MICRO-STAR INT’L CO., LTD. The Slimmest & Ultra Portable Notebook
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. LCD Monitor
Franz Collection Inc. Baroque Red Lily Flower Design
Franz Collection Inc. Forever Wedding Collection
AVerMedia Information, Inc. Interactive Visualizer
Align Machine Tool Co., Ltd. ALIGN RC model products
SPORTSART INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Digital ECO-POWR™ Commercial Treadmill
Strength Master Fitness Tech Co. Ltd. Energy-saving & intelligent treadmill
King Cho Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. Fiber Composite Continuous Shot Air Grease Gun
Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Trinity Advanced SL
Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Accend 1
MERIDA Industry Co., Ltd. Tristhlon Warp
SOCO Machinery Co., Ltd. CNC Booster Benders with 12 Electric Axis
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