Letter to Shareholders

To HIWIN's shareholders:

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and spread rapidly. The number of confirmed cases worldwide had exceeded 160 million. This has caused global economic recession and structural change in the supply chain. All industries are facing tremendous change. Among them, the machinery industry is one of the most severe impacted industries. HIWIN had still grown slightly under the pandemic, and consolidated revenue in 2020 reached 21.267 billion NTD, an increase of 5.2% compared to 2019, which is the second highest revenue in HIWIN’s history. During the harsh pandemic period, HIWIN not only actively served the new requirements of customers, but also executed early deployment in semiconductor, medical, 5G, automation equipment and other industries. With long-term investment in brand marketing and product research and development, we have greatly demonstrated our strong competitive strength!

In 2020, many countries have implemented lockdowns due to the pandemic. HIWIN uses smart electromechanical integration and system service differentiation to provide the strategic needs for industrial transformation and upgrading. We have successfully developed a number of well-known global customers against the pandemic. The direct drive (Torque Motor) rotary table independently developed by HIWIN cooperated with a well-known Japanese machine tool manufacturer for high-end five-axis machine. At the same time, we also use the innovative 3+1 axis combined machine and directly serve the precision component machining end users to improve its efficiency and quality; Furthermore, our wafer robots successfully installed and approved by major semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea, as well as semiconductor equipment suppliers in Japan.

The i4.0BS intelligent ballscrew has gradually expanded from the machine tool industry to Japan's injection molding machine and Singapore's major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and has also won the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award. The ballscrew for electrical vehicle’s steering system and the ballscrew for electrical vehicle’s brake system been developed by HIWIN and under testing with many European and American global 1st tier leading manufacturers for long term cooperation. HIWIN products and services have extended from supplying components, sub-systems, and system components to providing overall solutions for electromechanical integration. With long-term unique innovation and customized services, HIWIN has become an important partner for customers to practice Industrie 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

In terms of company operating performance and branding, we continue to gain recognition in Taiwan and abroad: for consumer and capital product brand competition, HIWIN ranked as 24th in Taiwan's International Brands in 2020, which is the recognition for HIWIN brand among fierce market competition. We have also passed the certification of IATF 16949 automotive quality management system and enabled us to step into the new-generation automotive supply chain successfully. In addition, HIWIN won the BSI (British Standards Institute) outstanding sustainability award, TCSA's highest honor "Taiwan Top Ten Sustainability Model Enterprise Award", "Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Report Gold Medal Award", "Innovative Growth Award and Talent Development Award". These awards and recognitions are the achievement of HIWIN team's long-term efforts in management, innovation and marketing. At the same time, HIWIN Group is also the vanguard of Taiwan's national mask team and the world team for supply of components to pandemic prevention medical equipment.

Looking forward to 2021, we foresee greater opportunity and market potential. HIWIN will continue to develop edge leading, competitive and value-added smart manufacturing and electromechanical integration services, uphold the belief of creating value to human’s well-being, and lead all HIWIN members work together to create an global leading brand. I look forward to have the continuous support and cooperation from all shareholders, business and banking community partners and government officials, in the coming year, so HIWIN cankeep shining in the world, and create another record high performance.

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